2018 Events


AMRAP in 16 min
Partner ONE (Diagnosis Date) Partner TWO (Last day of Chemo)
4 Ring Muscle Ups 7 Bar Muscle Ups
30 Wall Ball (20/14) (10Ft for both) 19 Wall Ball (20/14) (10Ft for both)
16 Alternating DB Snatch (50/35) 19 Alternating DB Snatch (50/35)
Partner ONE (Diagnosis Date) Partner TWO (Last day of Chemo)
4 Pull-ups 7 Dips (from boxes)
30 Wall Ball (14/8) (10Ft/9Ft) 19 Wall Ball (14/8) (10Ft/9Ft)
16 Alternating DB Snatch (35/20) 19 Alternating DB Snatch (35/20)
*If neither partner has pull ups they may do jumping pull-ups and reps double
At 3-2-1-Go, Athlete ONE will perform 4 MU, then athlete TWO will perform 7 MU. Athlete ONE will then perform 30 WB, followed by 19 WB by athlete TWO (athletes may transfer the ball after the 30th rep is completed without having to start from the ground). Finally, athlete ONE will perform 16 Alt DBS and then partner TWO will perform 19 Alt DBS. That completes one round. Athletes must perform as many rounds and reps as possible in 16 minutes.
*Wall Ball – Ronen was diagnosed with B-A-L-L.
*MU and Snatch – Ronen is a superhero in his submission picture. Superheroes can fly like muscle ups make athletes fly and put their fists in the air in victory like the DB snatch does.
*Dates – Athletes have to choose a rep-scheme to follow based off of two different significant dates listed above.


4 Power Snatches
3 Overhead Squats
18 Box Jumps (24/20) / Scaled may do Step ups
Weight – 135/95 LBS Scaled – 75/55 LBS
At 3-2-1-Go, Athletes will perform each rep with synchronization. Athletes may choose to power snatch or squat snatch, but the forth squat snatch may not count as the first Overhead Squat. The final snatch must be locked out before the first OHS squat may begin. Once the final synchro OHS squat is performed athletes will perform synchro box jumps. Judges are looking for both athletes to be standing on top of the box with knees locked and hips completely open before the next rep will begin.
*The significant date 4/3/2018 – Kenadi’s ninth birthday.
* Kenadi’s Ewing Sarcoma robbed her of her hip mobility and the full function of her leg but she always had a smile on her face and it didn’t stop her from doing what she loved. She is no longer suffering. Don’t hold back and work together to go above and beyond for Kenadi and others like her.





13:00 Cut-off
Two Rounds for Time EACH
9 Thrusters 95/75 Handstand static hold
17 Unbroken Double-unders Front rack, bottom-of-squat static hold 95/75
13 Toes-to-bar Static dead hang
**Cash-out: 26 Rope Climbs 15 ft. (Split as needed)
9 Thrusters 75/55 Overhead Barbell Hold 75/55
51 Single Unders Front rack, bottom-of-squat static hold 75/55
13 Knee-ups Static dead hang
**Cash-out: Plank single arm DB row 35/20 8 Rows = 1 Rep. Goal is 26 Reps.
At 3-2-1-Go Athlete one will perform the 9 thrusters while athlete two holds a static HS hold against the wall. Once reps are accomplished, athlete one will move on to Double-unders while athlete two holds a front rack, bottom of squat static hold. Finally athlete one will perform the toes-to-bar while athlete two dead-hangs from the rig. Then athletes one and two will switch for round two. If the athlete at active rest comes off their static hold, the active athlete must stop performing until the active rest athlete resets. Once FOUR total rounds is completed, the cash out is 26 Rope climbs, split between the two athletes as needed. There is no active rest for this portion. Scaled cashout – judges will be looking for a solid/level plank position and the DB head must touch your shoulder.
*The rep-scheme is the date that Jaxon was stillborn.
**26 Rope climbs for 26 weeks gestation. Rope climbs because Jaxon tragically died from an uncontrollable cord accident. Athletes need to conquer this “cord” for Jaxon!
This Special Angel WOD is to honor
the Feurer family and their son Jaxon who was stillborn. While the Feurer family was not directly affected by childhood cancer they suffered the tragic loss of their son Jaxon at birth and are now advocates for the awareness of infant and pregnancy loss. Jaxon Fitness named in honor of Jaxon was one of our gracious supporters and vendors for our first event in 2017. We would like to also support their journey by honoring Jaxon in our 2018 event.

Hagen ~ Home Free

AMRAP in 10:00
5 Handstand Push-ups Scaled: Hand-release Push-ups
17 Cal Row
7 C2B Pull-ups Scaled: Jumping Pull-ups
*If you are a saled athlete and have pull-ups and would RATHER do pull-ups than jumping pull-ups it is likely you will able to do so. Your rep count will be the same. Stay tuned
*athletes alternate movements
On 5/17/07 Hagen lost his battle. He has now received complete healing; no leukemia, no pain, no sickness.





10:00 Cut-off
6 Rounds for Time
5 Clean and Jerks 185/125 Scaled: 115/85
10 Lateral Burpee over the bar
18 Deadlifts 185/125 Scaled: 115/85
*Athletes alternate movements
At 3-2-1-Go Athlete one will perform 5 Clean and jerks. Once that is completed, Athlete one and athlete two will need to touch hands before athlete two may start the burpees. Once again, athletes will need to tag hands before athlete one preforms the deadlifts. Once round is completed and athlete two will perform the clean and jerks for the second round and so-on.
*6 rounds because Cheyenne was 6 years old when she was diagnosed.
**The reps represent her date of significance: 5/9/18.
***This is fast. She can only take 50% of her normal chemo doses, so athletes better go 100% for her!